Telescopic Sights of several types and powers are normally found on civilian hunting rifles or military sniping rifles, although they can also be found on assault rifles and battle rifles, and (much more rarely) pistols, revolvers, and auto riflesThey are almost never used on other weapons. Use of telescopic sights on auto rifles, machineguns, and grenade launchers tends to ruin the sight due to the extreme vibration encountered. Sniper rifles include the weight of a sight.

1.5x Sight: Wt 0.1, Price $27 (R/R)

2x Sight: Wt 0.1, Price $36 (R/R)

2-6x Sight : Wt 0.3kg, Price $150 (R/R)

2.5x Sight: Wt 0.1, Price $40 (R/R)

3x Sight: Wt 0.15kg, Price $45 (R/R)

3-9x Sight: Wt 0.45kg, Price $200 (R/R)

3.5x Sight: This is the standard sight in the game rules, and is the sight fitted to weapons such as the AUG, G-11, Colt ACR, and other such weapons with integral sights. Wt 0.18kg, Price $47 (R/R)

4x Sight: Wt 0.2kg, Price $48 (R/R)

4x Day/Night Sight: This telescopic sight combines both magnification and night vision. It uses light intensification for night vision. Weight: 1.45 kg; Price: $1850 (S/R)

6x Sight: Wt 0.3kg, Price $100 (R/R)

7.5x Sight: Wt 0.4kg, Price $120 (R/R)

8.5x Day/Night Sight: This is a stronger version of the 4x Day/Night Sight. Weight: 2.22 kg; $3400 (S/R)

9-12x Sight: Wt 0.6kg, Price $350 (R/R)

10x Sight: Wt 0.5kg, Price $250 (R/R)

12x Sight: Wt 0.6kg, Price $275 (R/R)

20x Sight: Wt 1kg; Price $450 (R/R)

Add-On Starlight Scope: This device is designed with the addition of a telescopic sight in mind. The telescopic sight is attached to the starlight scope, and then the starlight scope is attached to the weapon. This provides night vision equal to starlight scope, and magnification equal to the telescopic sight. Effective range at night is limited to the range of the starlight scope (450 meters). Weight: 1.46 kg; Price: $1100 (S/R)

Add-On Image Intensifier: This is a miniaturized image intensifier first produced by Norway in the early 1990s, but soon distributed all over NATO and other friendly nations. The procedure is reversed from the above sight; the image intensifier is mounted on top of the optical sight. The resulting hybrid sight can be used both day and night. Protection is protected against blinding by explosive burst and flares. Effective range at night is limited to the range of the image intensifier (900m). Weight: 0.79 kg; Price: $2500 (S/-)

Aimpoint Laser Sight: Allows +2 to hit when properly fitted and sighted. This device provides this modification out to a range of 100 meters. Wt 0.1kg, Price $350 (R/R)

Infrared Aiming Light: This weapon, when properly boresighted to a weapon, provides a dot of light similar to that of an Aimpoint Laser Sight. This dot, however, is visible only to those using night vision devices. Maximum range of sight for this dot is 600 meters. These devices were first used by Coalition forces during Desert Storm. Weight: 0.13 kg; Price: $350 (S/R)

Laser/Infrared Aiming Light: This combines the utility of the Aimpoint sight and the infrared aiming light. It can also be used underwater to a range of 20 meters. It may also be used as a flashlight. Weight: 0.25 kg; Price: $750 (R/-)

Light Intensifier Goggles: These amplify existing light thousands of times, rather than heat emanating from objects and people. They have the same range as IR Goggles when used in the passive mode, but double their range and allow for better short-range vision clarity when used in the active mode. The drawback to active mode is that the goggles are acting as a flashlight and show up clearly to starlight scopes, IR goggles, thermal vision, and passive/active IR viewers. Weight 0.5kg; Price $1800 (S/S)

Thermal Weapons Sight: This is a thermal vision sight designed to be mounted on small arms and heavy weapons, such as the US military’s AN/PAS-13(V)2 TWS. A user of this sight can identify targets at a range of 690 meters (down to telling what type of uniform is worn, type of weapon carried, whether the target has a mustache, etc.), and larger objects such as vehicles and buildings at a range of 1000 meters. Most of these devices have crosshairs to facilitate aiming. Glass and Plexiglas are opaque to the Thermal Weapons Sight, and appear black. These sights were introduced by NATO and Israeli forces in early in 1997; as such, supplies of these sights are low, and they are hard to come by. Weight: 2kg; Price: $4000 (R/-)




Iron Sights

0 Meters

500 Meters

1x Sight

4 Meters

600 Meters

1.5x Sight

6 Meters

600 Meters

2x Sight

8 Meters

600 Meters

2.5x Sight

10 Meters

750 Meters

3x Sight

12 Meters

800 Meters

3.5x Sight (Standard)

15 Meters

900 Meters

4x Sight

17 Meters

1000 Meters

6x Sight

20 Meters

1200 Meters

7.5x Sight

25 Meters

2000 Meters

9x Sight

30 Meters

2400 Meters

10x Sight

35 Meters

3000 Meters

12x Sight

45 Meters

3600 Meters

20x Sight

60 Meters

6000 Meters

Aimpoint Laser Sight

26m (Short), 20m (Medium)

200 Meters

Coincidence Rangefinder

15 Meters


Image Intensifier

20 Meters

7000 Meters

Laser Rangefinder

30 Meters


Laser Rangefinder with Computer

40 Meters


Starlight Scope

20 Meters

1600 Meters

Thermal Sight

12 Meters

7000 Meters