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12 Sep 18

In Blackpowder Handguns. the Beaumont-Adams 1856 has been added.

In Blackpowder Rifles & Muskets, under the Spencer Army Rifle entry, the Spencer Prototype Army Rifle, the Spencer Reproduction Carbine, and Spencer Reproduction Rifle have been added.

In US Antimateriel Rifles A-L, under the Barrett M82, the M107A1 has been completely rewritten and refigured, due to new information.

In US Assault Rifles A-C, the Bushmaster XM15 Varmint Rifle has been added.

In US Assault Rifles D-F, under the Destructive Devices AK-47/AKM Clones/Imports, the DDI-47 has been added.

In US Assault Rifles G-L, the Lakeside Machine LM7's stats have been almost completely reworked.

A new page, Nepalese Machineguns, with the Bira Gun.

In Brazilian Pistols, under the Taurus PT1911 entry, The PT1911SS-1 has been added.

In Bulgarian Pistols, the Arsenal AF2011-A1 was added.

In Czech Pistols, the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 SI was rewritten and updated.

In German Pistols H-K, the Korth Pistol entry was updated and corrected.  In addition, the Heckler & Koch pistols were removed from this page, and placed on their own page (see below).

Heckler & Koch Pistols have been moved to their own page, German Pistols - Heckler & Koch.  Under the VP9, several new forms of the VP9 have been added.

In German Pistols N-Z, the Walther Creed has been added.

In Russian Pistols, under the TSKIB SOO PM Makarov, the TKB-412 prototypes have been added.

In Swiss Pistols, under the SIG Sauer P220, the following versions have been added: P220R Elite (10mm), P220 Match Elite, P220 Carry, P220 Compact, P220 Combat, P220 Classic (.22), P220 Legion, P220 Hunter, P220 Hunt Ready, and P220 Stainless Elite. The Sig MPX Pistol's designation has been changed to the MPX-PSB, and stats for use with a brace (missing for some reason) have been added.

In Turkish Pistols, the Zenith MKE Z-4RS has been added.

In US Pistols C, the Carolina Arms TC has been added.

In US Pistols R, the Rock Island Armory  TAC Ultra FS was added.  Ruger Pistols was removed from the page, and given their own page (see below).

Ruger Pistols have been moved to their own page, US Pistols - Ruger. In addition, the SR1911 was added.

In US Pistols - Smith & Wesson, the SW22 Victory has been updated and many of the stats corrected.  In addition, the Volquartsen variants of thw SW22 have been added to the entry.

In US Pistols - Springfield, the EMP has been partially rewritten and expanded, and the EMP4 Concealed Carry Contour has been added.

In US Pistols St-Sz, the STI Costa Carry Comp 2011 has been added.

In US Pistols T-Z, the Wilson Combat CQB has been added.

In International Revolvers, the EMF GWII Alchemista has been added.

In US Revolvers - Colt A-P, under the Colt Official Police, the 2nd Prize, Paris International Competition 1978 has been added.  (Truly an interesting revolver...)

In US Revolvers - Colt R-Z, under the Single Action Army 3rd Generation entry, 3.5, 3.75, 4, and 6" barrels were added.  In addition, the .32-20 Winchester chambering has been added.

In US Revolvers - Smith & Wesson 10-30, under the Model 14, the Model 17-9 was added; under the Model 29, the Model 629 Competitor was added.

In US PA Shotguns M, under the Mossberg 590 entry, the Model 590 Shockwave has been added.

In Italian SA Shotguns - Benelli, the Super Black Eagle 3 has been added.

In US Special Purpose Firearms, the NAA Bug Out Box has been added.

In US BA Sporting Rifles - Savage 10/110, the Model 10FP has been added.

In US LA Sporting Rifles - Winchester, the M94 Short Rifle was added to the M-94 entry.

In US SA Sporting Rifles Rp-Rz, under the Ruger 10/22, the Ruger Silent-SR Takedown has been added.

In US Single & Double Barrel Rifles S-Z, the Shiloh Sharps 1874 Creedmoor Silhouette was added.

In US ASMs, the BAe APKWS II has been added.

In US Grenade Launchers, the Alliant XM25 CDTE has been added, along with the ammo on the appropriate page, Grenade Launcher Ammunition.

A new page, Slovakian Mortars, has been added, with the Konstrukta M-98 Towed Mortar.  The ammunition efects may be found in Mortar Rounds.

In US SAMs, the Lockheed Martin MHTK has been added.

Several new blades have added to Melee Weapons -- including several Spartan Blades (the Harsey Difensa, Horkos, Kershaw Barge, Metis Flipper, and Pallas Button Lock), the Ruger Hollow-Point, the TOPS Lioness Rockies Edition, Bear & Son Bear Edge, Boker Smatchet 2.0, and CKRT Amicus.

In Miscellaneous Equipment, the Rifle/Shotgun Butt Cuff has been added.

In Personal Gear, the Air Matress, Military, Sleping Pad, Military, Sleeping Pad, Civilivn, and Field Pillow have been added.

In Scopes, the ATN X-Sight HD Pro has been added, and the Kalinka PK-01VS has been corrected and had more info added.  In additiion, Aimpoint Scopes have been moved to thw Sweden part of the page.  (Maybe I should break them up a bit -- there's enough scope entries).

In US Attack Aircraft, the A-10 Warthog entry has been completely redoine, with information, stats, and avionics all being updated, replaced, or modified.  Included are the several variants of the A-10A, the A-10B N/AW, and the new A-10C -- and the incredible civilian variant, the WA-10.

In Russian Tracked APCs/IFVs, the BMP-1s' entries have been somewhat tweaked and adjusted, but the big change is the large number of variants and experimental versions added to the entry.  (And I know, some of these belong in the Best APCs That Never Were, and may be moved there later.)

In Israeli SP Artillery, under the M109L Doher entry, the M109I7 Spark upgrade was added; under the M50 entry, the L-33 has been re-added (it went missing for a while), and much corrections and information addititions have been done; the former ATMOS 2000 entry has been renamed to the more proper SPWH 2052, with several versions added and corrections made.  In additition, the Rascal and Slammer have been moved (see below).

In Italian SP Artillery, the the Otomelara M109Lhas been partially re-written and stats refigured.  New versions of the Palmaria have been added.

The Japanese SP Artillery entries have been for the most part refigured and partially rewritten; in addition, the Type 95 1990's upgrade has been added, and the Type 99 now incluides the original early-production version and the current standard production version.

The Rascal and Slammer entiries have been removed from Israeli SP Artillery and moved to Best SP Artillery That Never Was; the Slammer itself has had a new (fictional) version added, the M4 Scorcher, which was popularized in an ARMA 3 mod.

In Best SP Antiaircraft That Never Were, the GDLS FAAD-M1 Liberty has been added.

And yes, I have finally succombed to public pressure and changed the background.


30 Mar 18

In Heavy-Caliber Small Arms Rounds, the following ammunition has been added: .416 Barrett, 11mm Gras Smokeless, .499 Leitner-Wise, .450 Bushmaster, , .460 Alliance, .460 Steyr, .475 Tremor, .50 Beowulf, .50 DTC-EDM, .502 Thunder Sabre, .510 Phoenix.

In Medium-Caliber Small Arms Rounds, the following ammunition has been added: 7.5mm Mle 1924, .30 Remington AR, .300 Fireball, 7.92mm Patronen, 8mm M/88 Mauser, .338 Spectre, .375 CheyTac

In Small-Caliber Small Arms Rounds, the following rounds have been added: 6.5mm Creedmoor, 6.5mm Greek Service

In Pistol, Revolver & SMG Rounds, the following rounds have been added: 5mm Clement Auto, 5mm Bergmann, .22 TCM, 6.5mm Bergmann, 6.5mm Mannlicher Pistol, 7.5mm FK, .30 Wildey Magnum, .35 Smith & Wesson Auto, .38 AMU, .357 Peterbilt, 9mm Ultra, 10mm Wildey Magnum, .44 Wildey Magnum, and .45 Wildey Magnum. 

I have also begun the process to replace the name "10mm Colt" with 10mm Auto;" this is not complete, and for the time being, listings with 10mm Colt and 10mm Auto are referring to the same round.

In Russian Assault Rifles, the Izhmash AK-12 has been added.

In Swiss Assault Rifles, the SIG Sauer SIGM400 has been added.

In US Assault Rifles A-C, the Adcor A-556, Anderson M4 Carbine, Atlantic Arms AA Pol47, Colt LE6920, and CORE15 Piston Rifle have been added.

In US Assault Rifles G-L, the IO "The Sporter", Lancer L15, and LMT SLK8 have been added.

In US Assault Rifles R-Z, the Stag Arms Rifles entry has been split into the Stag 1-8, Stag 9, Stag 10, Stag 15, and Stag 16 entries.  Several new Stag Arms Rifles variants have been added to these entries (and the Stag 10, 15, and 16 entries are completely new).  In addition, some corrections have been made to these rifles' stats.

In US Battle Rifles A-L, the CMMG Mk3 and the DPMS GII have been added. In addition, the Bushmaster MOE Enhanced ORC entry's stats have been heavily corrected, the text of the entry rewritten, and new variants have been added.

In Italian Pistols - Tanfoglio, in the Witness entry, the Witness Elite 1911P Polymer has been added.

In US Pistols A, the ATI FHX-45 was added.

In US Pistols C, the Colt Gold Cup Trophy has had its stats corrected and additional information added.

In US Pistols D-F, the Dan Wesson Bruin has been added.

In US Pistols K, in the Kimber Eclipse entry, several corrections have been made to the Eclipse Pro Target II.

In US Pistols R, the Rock Island Armory Tactical 1911 has been added.

In US Pistols - Springfield, the Loaded Model Target has been added.

In US Pistols St-Sz, under STI Single-Stack Pistols, the 4.25" and 3.25" barrels have been added to the Lawman.  A 9mm Parabellum chamberings have been added to the Legacy and a .45 ACP chambering added to the Rogue.

In US Pistols T-Z, under the Wildey Survivor entry, the .41 Wildey Magnum and 11mm Wildey Magnum chamberings have been removed, as they are actually other names for other Wildey Magnum rounds.

In International Semiauto Sporting Rifles, the Colt/Walther M4 Ops has been added.

In US Semiauto Sporting Rifles A-E, the Alexander Arms AAR17 and the CMMG Mk 4 Series have been added.  In the DPMS .22LR Series entry, the .22 Bull Barrel version has been added.

In German SMGs, the Umarex/Walther MP5A5 has been added to the Heckler & Koch MP5 entry.

Egyptian SP Artillery was heavily corrected and partially rewritten.

In French SP Artillery, the AMX GCT-155 has been split into several sections to reflect the different variants, and the AUF 1T/TA and AUF 2 have been added to the entry.  The GIAT Caesar has also been split into several sections for variants, and the Mk 2 and Caesar 2 have been added to the entry. All entries on the page have been heavily rewritten and corrected.

In German SP Artillery, all entries have been heavily rewritten and corrected.  Specific update include, under the Rheinmetall M109A3G entry, the M109A3G w/KUKA AHK.  The PxH2000 includes separate sections for Dutch PxH2000s and the German 2013 PzH2000 upgrade. A new addition are the AGM-based vehicles.

In Riflescopes and Other Weapon Scopes, the Trijicon RX34 Reflex Sight was added.