New Updates 2019

As with last year, the site will be in a large state of flux this year, with additions as well as corrections made to almost everything.

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28 Jan 19

In US Battle Rifles A-L, the Armalite AR-10 has had added more information, some corrected stats, and the AR-10A (which sounds like the designation of an old AR-10, but is actually the designation of one of the newest versions of the AR-10) was added.

In German Pistols N-Z, the Walther PPQ has been added.

In Italian Pistols - Beretta, the M70 has had some stats modified, some new information added, and the M71 with a faux suppressor entry has been added.

In Swiss Pistols, the SIG-Sauer P320 has been greatly expanded, with new versions, information, and stats.

In US Pistols A, the Auto-Ordnance BKO and Archon Type B have been added.

In US Pistols D-F, the Dan Wesson Vigil has been added.

In US Pistols G-H, the Guncrafter HOSS has its designation, and has some more information added. The Honor Defense Honor Guard has been added.

In US Pistols K, the Kimber Micro has been added.

In US Pistols - Ruger, the Security-9 has been added, and the missing weight figure for the SR1911 Lightweight Commander has been put in.

In US Pistols Sa-Sl, the SIG-Sauer USA M17 has been added. (I put it there instead of under the SIG-Sauer P320 on the Swiss Pistols page because it is made exclusively in the US, specifically for the US Military.)

In US Pistols - Smith & Wesson, the Model 41 has had more information added, the New Model 41 has been added, and the Model 41 PC has been added.

In US Pistols - Springfield, the 911 has been added.

In US Revolvers - Charter Arms & Charles Daly, the Charter Arms Bulldog entry has had the Bulldog XL added, and the Charter Arms Mag Pug has had the .41 Magnum version added.

In US Revolvers M-N, the Magnum Research BFR has had several new calibers and one new barrel length added.

In US Bolt-Action Sporting Rifles L-M, the Marlin XT has been added.

In US Bolt-Action Sporting Rifles - Savage, the BVT and Mark II have been added.

In Italian Lever-Action Rifles, the Uberti M1886 has been added.

In US Lever-Action Rifles A-H, the Big Horn Armory Type 89 entry has had the Models 89A, 89B, 90A, and 90B added.

In US Single & Double-Barrel Sporting Rifles S-Z,  the Thompson/Center Encore entry has had added the Encore Hunter version.  (This, by the way, makes the Thompson/Center Encore entry simply ginormous -- I'm probably going to have to split it up despite the fact that the Encore and the Encore Hunter are closely-related rifles.)

In US Pump-Action Shotguns S-Z, the Stevens 320 has been added.

In Chinese Autocannons, the 30mm Type 730, 35mm PG99, and 35mm PG99-1 have been added.

In Chinese SAMs, the DY-90/TY-90/LY-90 and FN-6 have been added.

In Textron Civilian Vehicles (which is a new page), the Stampede has been added.

In Indian Self-Propelled Artillery, The Mk 2 and Mk 3 versions have been added to the DRDO M46 Catapult entry, and the Bhim/Ayeja has been added to the DRDO/Denel Bhim entry.  Also, in general, a lot of new information has been added, and stats adjusted.

In Romanian Self-Propelled Artillery, the ROMARM Model 89 has had more information added, and its stats adjusted.

In Russian Self-Propelled Artillery, all of the entries have had new information added and stats refigured.  Under the Kharkov 2S1, the 2S1T version has been added. Under the Uraltransmash 2S3, the 2S3M, 2S3M1, 2S3M2, 2S3M2-155, and 2S3M3 have been added. Under the Uraltransmash 2S5, the 2S5M has been added. Under the Uraltransmash 2S7 entry, the 2S7M Mialka has been added.  Under the Uraltransmash 2S19, the 2S19M1, 2S19M1-155, 2S19M2, 2S33 Msta-SM2, and 2S30 Iset have been added.

In Chinese Tracked SP Antiaircraft, the Type 95/04/07/09 have been added (they are one entry). The Type 63 and Type 69-37-2 have been refigured and a little more information added.  The Type 80 has been refigured and more information has been added, and the Type 80-37-2 subtype has been added.

In Chinese Wheeled SP Antiaircraft, the HN-5 SAM Vehicle has has some new information added and its stats refigured; in addition, the designation has been changed.  The BK-1060, EQ2050/FN-6A SAM Vehicle and LD-2000 have been added.

In Miscellaneous Equipment, the Streamlight Super Siege Lantern, the Pelican 3310 ELS Lantern, the Falhoelter Mini Bolt Light, Surefire P2X Fury, the TerraLUX 80 Penlight, and the Cyclops Nexus HID Flashlight have been added. The Krypton Flashlight, Military Flashlight, Military Krypton Flashlight, the Penlight, and the Mini-Maglite have been sharpened.