Updates 2020

This is  the update list for whatever I come up with in 2020. Please note that my mother had a massive stroke on 15 Jan, and I will have less time to work on this.  Prayers, meditations, and good wishes, what ever is appropriate for you, will be appreciated and read to my mother.

Last year's updates can be found here.

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14 Nov 20

In Bulgarian Tracked Engineering Vehicles, the BETA PLC MTP-1 CEV was corrected and updated, and the Kharkiv Sova NBC/EW Reconnaissance Vehicle was added.

In Canadian Tracked Engineer Vehicles, the M113 ESEV was corrected and updated.

In Chinese Tracked Engineer Vehicles, most vehicles have been expanded and/or corrected; the Norinco GCZ-110, Norinco GCZ-112, and Norinco VME 102-40 have been added.

Finnish Tracked Engineer Vehicles has been removed.  (See below.)

In French Tracked Engineer Vehicles, corrections have generally been made, and the Nextor Leclerc DNG and PTG have been added.

In German Tracked Engineer Vehicles, most vehicles have been expanded and corrected.  The AEV-3 Kodiak and the Czech version of the Pionierpanzer-1 have been added.

The Finnish Sisu KAM ARV has been moved to Best Engineer Vehicles That Never Were from the former Finnish Tracked Engineer Vehicles page, expanded, and corrected.

In US Special Aircraft, the AC-130 has been greatly expanded and corrected; the EA-6B and S-3 have been moved to here from US Attack Aircraft, and the PBY Catalina added.

In US Air-to-Surface Missiles, the Ratheon AGM-175 Griffin has been added.

An embryonic Bombs page has been added.  This is, as said, merely a placeholder while still providing some useful imformation.  Look for updates in the future.

In US Autocannons, the missing GAU-8/A Avcnger entry has been added.  This weas a tip-off from another emailer.

In Army Professions, the Drill Sergeant Posting has been sharpened a little bit, and a Chemical Corps carrier has been added.

In Western Professions, the Spanish Legeion rules have been overhauled; a major tweak was made to British Professions (especially the Gurkhas), and another tweak made to the ROK KATUSA career.

Most of these career changed and additions were made, usually months ago, as the suggestion of the members of Juhlin's board.  I don't remember which individuals, unfortunately.


12 Aug 20

In US Battle Rifles A-L, under the Colt LE901-16S entry, the Recoil magazine special build of the rifle has been added.

In Swiss Pistols, the Sphinx (Kriss) SDP has been added.

In Melee Weapons, the Benchmade Volli, Coast Products Rapid Response 3.30, CRKT Fire Spark, Gerber Propel Downrange AO, Kershaw Blur Glassbreaker, SOG SlimJim, and ZT Tolerance G-10 AO have been added.

In Austrian Tracked Engineer Vehicles, minor tweaks and corrections have been made.

In Belgian Tracked Engineer Vehicles, corrections have been made and a little more information has been added.

In Brazilian Tracked Engineer Vehicles, some corrections have been made.

In British Tracked Engineer Vehicles, the version with applique armor has been added to the AEV FV4003 Centurion AVRE entry.  The Chieftain-based tracked engineer vehicles have been gathered into one entry. The Kenyan version of the Vickers ARRV has been added.  All have been corrected and tweaked.

In Israeli Tracked Engineer Vehicles, the Merkava Mk 3 Nemmeraa ARV has been added, the and tweaks and corrections have been done to the rest of the page.

In Russian Tracked Engineer Vehicles, the R-330ZH Borisoglebsk 2 has been added.

A new page, Serbian Tracked Engineer Vehicles, has been added, with the VIU-55 Munja.

A new page, Ukranian Tracked Engineer Vehicles, has been added, with the BREM-84 Atlet.

In Austrian Wheeled Engineer Vehicles, the Piranha III Armored CBRN Recon Vehicle has been added.

In Russian Wheeled Engineer Vehicles, the UNSh-12 Infauna has been added, and the rest of the page has been given corrections and tweaks.

In Best Engineer Vehicles That Never Were, the Future Armor Rearm System has been added.


04 Jun 20

In US Assault Rifles A-C, the ATI Omni Hybrid was added.

In French Automatic Rifles, under the Chauchat, the CR 1918 has been added.

In US Automatic Rifles, the modified M1918 BAR made by Clyde Barrow (of Bonnie and Clyde fame) has been added.

In British Battle Rifles, the Martini-Henry/Enfield was added.

In Belgian Pistols - Browning, the Black Label Medallion has been added.

In Italian Pistols - Beretta, under M93R, the Ciener .22 Conversion has been added.

A new page, Jordanian Pistols, has been added, with the KADDB Viper.

In US PA Shotguns G-L, the Inland versions of the Ithaca 37 Trench Gun have been added to the Ithaca 37: Military & Police Models entry.

In US Lever-Action Rifles - Marlin, under the Model 336 entry, the Model 336TDL has been added.

In Best Sniper Rifles that Never Were, the AR-1 Parasniper has had much more information added and many corrections made.

In Russian Grenade Launchers, the TekhMash 6327 Balkan has been added.

In British ASMs, the Brimstone was added.

In Swedish Mortar Carriers, the Mjolner has been added.

US MRLs have been updated, to include the HIMARS/SLAMRAAM, the M270 MARS2/LRU, and M270D1.

US Light Unarmored Vehicles have been updated to include the new JLTV.  (Yes, there was a question in my mind as to whether to include the JLTV under Wheeled APCs, but as it is basically a HMMWV replacement, I elected to put it under Unarmored Vehicles.)



25 Mar 20

In MRLs, the new pages of Azerbaijani MRLs, Belorussian MRLs, Georgian MRLs, North Korean MRLs, Pakistani MRLs, and Ukrainian MRLs have been added.

In Japanese MRLs, the Type 75 MRL has been expanded and updated, and the Type 75 Weather Vehicle and Type 75 Reload Vehicle have been added to the entry.

In Romanian MRLs, The APR-40 entry has been expanded and corrected, and also now includes the APR-21, APRA-40, and LAROM versions.

The entire Russian MRLs page has been updated and almost totally rewritten.

In Polish Engineer Vehicles, the WZT-3 entries have been corrected, the WZT-4 has been added.

In Brazilian Tracked Light Combat Vehicles, the X1A entries have been totally redone.

In British Tracked Light Combat Vehicles, the Ajax was added.

In Russian Wheeled Light Combat Vehicles, under the BTR-80 entry, the PU-12M6 and PU-12M7 AAA/SAM Command Post Vehicles have been added.

A new page, Canadian Tanks, has been added, with the heavily-modified Canadian versions of the Leopard 1 and Leopard 2.

A new page, Belarussian Heavy Unarmored Vehicles, has been added, with the MAZ-6317.

A new page, Belorussian Medium Unarmored Vehicles, has been added, with the MAZ-5316.

Chinese Attack Helicopters is a new page, with the Z-10.

In Best Aircraft That Never Were, the Mitsubishi/Lockheed Martin F-3 was added.

In Best SP Antiaircraft That Never Were, the 2S38 Derivaciya was added.

In Best SP Guns That Never Were, the BSTT Excalibur and the Nuffeld A39 Tortoise were added.

A new page, US Unmanned Ground Vehicles, has been added.

In French ASMs, the missing price figures for the AS.20's HEAT and KEP/HE warheads have been put in.


25 Jan 20

In US Attack Aircraft, the AT-6 Wolverine has been added.

In Chinese Bombers, the Xi'an H-20 has been added.  This is a new page.

In US Attack Helicopters, the AH-64 Apache has been greatly expanded and updated, including updating on the WAH-64, and references and entries to the YAH-64F, the Sea Apache, and the AH-64D Block 2 Compound.  The AH-64E Apache Guardian has been added.

In British Tracked Engineer Vehicles the Trojan has been updated and corrected.

In German MRLs, the LARS 110mm entry has been greatly expanded and now includes the LARS SF2 as well as the SF1.

In Indian MRLs has been greatly expanded to include the Pinaka I and Pinaka II, and corrected.

A new page, Iranian MRLs, has been added, with the HM 20 Hadid.

In Italian MRLs, the FIROS-6 has been partially expanded and fully corrected; the FIROS 25/30 has been somewhat expanded and fully corrected.

A new page, Austrian Self-Propelled Guns, has been added, with the MOWAG Piranha 5 10x10.

A new page, Indian Heavy Unarmored Vehicles, has been added, with the Ashok Leyland Super Stallion.

In Best Tanks That Never Were, the MB-3 Tamoyo and the Shilden-Leclerc have been added.

In Best SPG That Never Were, the BSTT Chimera was added.