HIT Al-Hadeed

     Notes: Basically a small workshop on wheels, the Al-Hadeed is similar to other ARRVs, being a modification of the Talha APC (itself a modification of the M-113A2).  Like the Talha, the Al-Hadeed has a lengthened chassis with six roadwheels.  The vehicle, if possible, looks even blockier than ARV versions of the M-113; this is a sign that extra armor has been added and the widening of the hull.  Like the Talha, the Al-Hadeed has good space for its crew, despite the sheer amount of spare parts and tools it carries.  (to be fair, some are carried in boxes and lockers on top and on the sides of the vehicle, or are simply strapped on the outside.) At the front of the hull, with the base opposite the commander, is a hydraulic crane with a telescoping jib and able to lift 3 tons as 2.2 meters. Leading out the rear is a winch cable with a capacity of 20 tons (40 tons with block and tackle), and 130 meters of cable.  At each corner, hydraulic outriggers can be lowered for stability when the crane or winch is being used.  Some Al-Hadeeds have a vehicular NBC pack, into which the crew plugs in the extended hoses of their protective mask; others have NBC Overpressure and extra roof and side viewing ports and vision blocks.  On the fender on each side is a cluster of four smoke grenade launchers.  The night vision fit is normally a passive viewer for the driver; some are equipped with a backup camera and an image intensifier for the commander though one of the vision blocks of his manually-rotating cupola, and one image intensifier on a wide-angle vision block for use by the crane operator. (These extra night vision devices are normally found only on Al-Hadeeds with NBC Overpressure.)  Al-Hadeeds with NBC Overpressure also have the ability to aim and fire their commander's weapon while under armor with the hatches closed.  While the Al-Hadeed has the standard mix of basic, wheeled vehicle, tracked vehicle, and small arms tools, it also has a folding work table, a battery charger, an air compressor, power tools, a power lathe, two welding sets (both electric and gas), a grinder, a hydraulic press, and a small computer which is loaded with tech manuals, papers on repair, hints, and suchlike.  To power all this while the engine is off, the Al-Hadeed has a 5kW APU.

     Being a descendant of the M-113A2, the engine used is a Detroit Diesel 6V53T variant developing 265 horsepower and high torque for towing and winching operations.  The transmission is automatic, and the driver has normal pedal and wheel controls.  The suspension is by torsion bar, but the front two, the second from the rear, and the return roller have hydraulic dampeners, and the ride is unusually smooth.

     Stats below and in the price assume a maximum fit.


Fuel Type


Veh Wt



Night Vision



D, A

3 tons

15 tons



Passive IR (D), CCTV (D), Image Intensifier (C, CO)



Tr Mov

Com Mov

Fuel Cap

Fuel Cons










HF9Sp  HS5Sp  HR5


Fire Control






M-2HB (C)