Kharkiv BREM-84 Atlet

     Notes: Based on the T-80UD chassis, the BREM-84 is an ARV initially-designed to use up Ukraineís T-80 tanks (which they were replacing) and be able to recover tanks currently used by Ukraine.  It is referred to as an ARRV (Armored Recovery and Repair Vehicle, able to recover damaged or broken-down vehicles or repair them in the field.  The BREM-84 is up for sale on the export market; rumors state that some sales have been made to unnamed countries, and India trialed one in their never-ending process of finding the right vehicles for their military. Thailand operates two BREM-84s, along with 49 Oplot tanks.  Serial production of the BREM-64 for the Ukrainian Army did not begin until 2018; the Thais actually got theirs first, in late 2017.

     The BREM-64 is somewhat heavier than the T-80UD, due to the recovery and repair equipment mounted.  Armor protection is the same as that of the T-80UD.  The BREM-84 uses a 6TD2 turbocharged multifuel diesel engine (replacing the gas turbine of the T-80UD) with a power output of 1200 horsepower.  This means that despite its weight, it has a surprising amount of power, and the transmission has been modified to provide a lot of torque.

     The main winch can provide 25.5 tons of pulling power, or double that with block and tackle.  Experienced engineers can rig up a double block and tackle, increasing pulling power to 76.5 tons.  The cable is 130 meters and takes 10 minutes to wind or unwind to or from itís maximum length.  The Auxiliary/lead winch has a capacity of 918 kilograms and has 260 meters of cable.  While the main winch operates by hydraulics, the aux winch uses hydrostatic operation.  The dozer blade, used primarily for bracing, is 3.38 meters wide and can move up to 120 cubic meters in one bite of soil or clay.  The crane, used to lift large parts of items such as a replacement powerpack, has a capacity of 25 tons, a maximum reach of 6.8 meters, and is able to reach over the entire vehicle (though reaching to the rear of the vehicle is a bit tight). The BREM-84 is not amphibious, but can ford up to 1.8 meters without preparation or, with about 10 minutes of preparation, ford 5 meters.

     The BREM-84 has a 22.2kW APU, used primarily to power tools which require electrical or hydraulic power, including tools such as a power separator, standard power tools, a welding/cutting set, a chainsaw, and a rotary saw.  Other tools include two sets of pioneer tools and wheeled, tracked, large-caliber gun, and basic tools.  The BREM-64 is often seen carrying the 1.5-ton powerpack for T-72-series tanks or other powerpacks, and is generally festooned inside and out with spare parts.  The BREM-84 has large double doors on each side; these are lockers and compartments for parts and tools.  The BREM-84 has a tow bar and several lengths of cable for towing purposes. The BREM-84 can also tow a trailer of up to 60 tons.

     Generally, the crew of the BREM-84 is normally four, but up to three other mechanics of engineers may be carried in the back, and there are folding seats for them.  The commanderís position is armed with an NSVT machinegun, usually surrounded by AV3 gun shields.  When buttoned up, the crew has NBC Overpressure system; air conditioning is also installed.  There are automatic fire/explosion detection systems for the powerpack, driverís compartment, main crew area, and fuel tank.

     Under armor, above the engine compartment, is a layer of insulation that helps dampen the IR signature of the engine (IR Stealth 2).  Lugs for ERA (usually the Ukrainian Nozh or Nozh-2, but customers may specify lugs for other types of ERA if desired) are found on the glacis and the forward third of the hull sides.


Fuel Type


Veh Wt



Night Vision



G, D, A

2.31 tons

46 tons



Image Intensification (D), WL/IR Spotlight (C)



Tr Mov

Com Mov

Fuel Cap

Fuel Cons










HF163Cp  HS24Sp  HR15


Fire Control